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LED Guide

LED; Light Emitting Diode

LED, Light Emitting Diode is semiconductor device. It emits light when it's been applied voltage.
In recent years, it is getting popular for LED light usage, which is applied with white emitting color diode, with short wavelength, processing to be covered by fluorescence substance.
For LED display usage, primary colored Red, Green and Blue color emitting diodes are mounted on circuit board, and it enables to display in full color.

Features of LED Display

High brightness1.High brightnessLED achieves High brightness, being free
from the constraints of lighting and environment conditions.

LED achieves High brightness, being freed from the constraints of lighting and environment conditions.

It provides superior high brightness by its unique self-luminous feature. It produces brilliant image, even if it's been used under tough lighting circumstances, such as lobby with strong sunlight streaming in.

Flexibility2. FlexibilityEnables to make innovative screen configuration,
no limitation for layout.

Curved surface
Curved surface

Have no limitation on screen size and aspect, it enables to make various layouts such as curved surface, sphere, column, wavy shape, reed-shape, etc.

High Weatherability3. High WeatherabilityAvailable to use various locations indoor and outdoor.

Available to use various locations indoor and outdoor.

Front side of outdoor use model LED display is complied with IP65, water proof standard.
It enables to install various locations indoor and outdoor with maintaining high brightness.

Features of each display

Operating priciple Corresponding screen size Advantages Disadvantages Recommended usage
LED Display Pixels are configured by self-luminous featured Light Emitting Diode. Correspond with various screen sizes, by allocating LED module into display unit. High brighteness, Wide color spectrum, Long life, Thin depth structure, Wide viewing angle Screen is consisted by the pixel. LED chips have been mounted on each pixel of circuit board, and it leads to be higher cost. Shop front display, Billboard, where require strong resistance to outside light stream.
Liquid Crystal Display Transitive liquid crystal controls the light form back light. Approx.100-inch would be maximum screen size. For Multiple screen use, 6mm gap would be shown between each screen. Mainstream of consumer TV, Less procurement cost, Thin depth structure Arising limitation on viewing angle and peak brightness. Indoor installation
Projector Projection lens enlarge-projects image. High output model corresponds 20 meter wide screen. Easily achieve large format screen, Enable to correspond projection mapping Requiring regular lamp replacement. Not available to use under brighter circumstances. Usable for light blocking location, night time event , and projecting on cubic subject.
Multiple screen projector Several box units, contains projector system inside, consist the screen. 1 unit size is about 50-80 inch. Screen will be configured by connecting multiple units. Achieve large format screen at reasonable low cost. Requiring regular lamp replacement. Arising limitation on viewing angle and uneven brightness on screen. Large format surveillance monitor.

Hibino's LED display system

Hibino Corporation has been highly acclaimed it's mastership as system integrator, based on self-development achievement for LED display systems, including LED modules and controllers, and also its achievement records to commercial facilities, event use, not only to Japanese market but also overseas market. Hibino Corporation is putting high quality products, that meet a market need, with picking up on the request from field site, and built the system, enables to respond whole consecutive process in house from production to installation. We expect you to be continuously satisfied with the world of high quality large format image, which will be produced by Hibino's LED display systems.

ChromaLED: Black face type screen Addressed the solution of black color representation, as the first in the industry

ChromaLED: Black face type screen

  • SMD-LED unit: Persistence selection for LED chip and Black lens.
  • Black face mask: Reduce the reflection of outside light stream.
  • 15 bits gradation process: Accentuate gradation of black color.
  • Uniformity circuit: Actualize perfect screen brightness.

4K corresponding High performance LED Controller:Stable operation result, Corresponded with 4K resolution as the first in the industry.

4K corresponding High performance LED Controller

  • HLC-4K, enable to display 4K resolution (4,096 x 2, 160 dots) by 1 unit.
  • Provide freely layout, up to 6 screens, by vast flame region.
  • Color correction feature actualizes productive color representation.
  • Rotation, Jump and Layout memory features actualize freely display configuration.

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